Charles Venator-Santiago

Charles R. Venator-Santiago, (Ph.D., Political Science, UMass-Amherst) is an associate professor with a joint appointment to the Department of Political Science and El Instituto: Institute for Latino/a, Caribbean, and Latin American Studies. He is a former President Elect of the Puerto Rican Studies Association (PRSA), and a Steering Committee/Board Member of the Latino & Latina Critical Theory (LatCrit) organization.

Professor Venator-Santiago teaches courses in the Public Law, American Politics and Political Theory. His courses focus on U.S. territorial law and politics, citizenship and immigration, Latino/a Studies, LatCrit and the “critical” traditions of law, and the history of political thought.

He has been researching and writing about U.S. territorial legal history, race and citizenship; and the relationship between law and nation-state building in the Americas. His current research focus is on U.S. territorial citizenship and status law and policy.

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