The Minor in American Studies

This minor promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex economic, political, and cultural structures at the root of the societies of the Western Hemisphere. Our studies range from the first immigrations across the land bridge from Siberia, to the colonization of the Americas by Europeans, to the present day. Students may also examine such issues as ethnicity, gender relations, and environmental awareness, and discuss how literary and visual artists have articulated contemporary cultural concerns.


Requirements (Starting Fall 2017)

Starting Fall 2017, to earn a minor in American Studies, students must complete fifteen credits, including:

  • AMST 1201 (Introduction to American Studies, 3 credits);
  • An additional 3-credits of AMST-designated coursework;
  • Nine credits taken from any of the tracks listed in the American Studies major and/or courses approved by the director of American Studies.

Courses used to fulfill the student’s major field requirements and their related coursework for the major may also be used to fulfill the American Studies minor. To ensure focus, students must provide a brief rationale for their track and course choices.

Requirements (Prior to Fall 2017)

Students who matriculated to UConn before the 2017-2018 academic year may also complete a minor in American Studies by satisfying the following requirements (15 credits in all), broken down as follows:

Core Courses (6 credits)

1. US History

One history course at the 2000-level or above, approved by the American Studies Director.

2. American Studies, Art and Literature (one of the following)

  • AMST 1201 Introduction to American Studies (HIST 1503/ENGL 1201)
  • AMST 3265W Seminar in American Studies
  • ENGL 2201 American Literature to 1880
  • ENGL 2203 American Literature since 1880
  • ARTH 3440 Nineteenth Century American Art

Track Requirement (9 credits)

Three 2000-level courses chosen from one of the four American Studies tracks

Note: If pursuing this older plan of study, a student may not use American Studies courses to fulfill simultaneously the requirements of his or her major field and the requirements of the minor.