Cyrus Zirakzadeh

Professor Emeritus, Political Science

Cyrus Ernesto (“Ernie”) Zirakzadeh received his baccalaureate degree from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, his masters from Stanford University, and his doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley. In addition to being a Professor of Political Science, he currently is the editor of the journal Polity, which is known for publishing works on political history, political theory and philosophy, and American political development.

Zirakzadeh has conducted research on social movements in the United States (especially the United Farm Workers), Canada, and Mexico, and on the political ideas of Norman Mailer and John Steinbeck. He has authored and co-authored four books, and is the editor of a four-volume handbook on twentieth-century scholarship on social and political movements. In addition, he has penned numerous essays for edited books and professional journals, including Social Movement Studies, Journal of Theoretical Politics, The Review of Politics, and Comparative Studies in Society and History.

He recently finished co-editing (with Simon Stow) A Political Companion to John Steinbeck (University Press of Kentucky, 2013), a collection of essays by social and art historians, social scientists, and literature, music, and theater critics on the political experiences and visions of John Steinbeck.

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Cyrus Zirakzadeh
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