American Studies Faculty Research Fellowships (revised April 2022)

In 2021, UConn American Studies launched the American Studies Faculty Research Fellowships, the first fellowships our program has been able to offer. With more funding for the initiative this year, we are now inviting faculty members of all ranks to apply for funds related to their research once again.

The rewards are up to $1000 each and can be used for research travel, indexing, copyediting, permissions costs or other publication assistance, language acquisition, or other research-related needs. Priority consideration will go to junior faculty, but the funds are certainly not limited to junior faculty. Interdisciplinary research in American Studies or an intersecting field is preferred.

To apply, send a budget, a CV, and a 250-300 word description of the project and its status to Christopher Vials at by May 15th. The description should also disclose other sources of funding for the project. Applications will be reviewed by the American Studies Executive Committee.


Robert Tilton Essay Prize

The American Studies program at the University of Connecticut is happy to announce the launch of the Robert Tilton Essay Prize. This $500 prize is awarded to the best essay written for an American Studies class at UConn. The topic should deal with some aspect of U.S. history, literature, art, politics, or culture, or with the flow of cultures, ideas, peoples, and power across US borders. It should be an essay (preferably a final essay), five to fifteen pages in length, written for a course that is cross-listed with American Studies (AMST).

Candidates can be nominated by others or self-nominated. Once nominated, the candidate should send the essay and a brief cover letter to Christopher Vials at The cover letter should identify the course and the assignment for which it was written. The deadline is October 1, 2022.