About the Program

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What is American Studies?

An interdisciplinary field, American Studies focuses its attention on U.S. culture and its relationship to the world beyond its borders. Established and dynamic, it brings together faculty and students from a wide variety of disciplines to promote an awareness of the complex cultural, political, and economic structures that have guided the history of the US and the Americas, from the first migrations across the landbridge of Siberia to the present day. American Studies has increasingly situated the United States in a global context, examining the ways in which the nation has been transformed – and how it has shaped other regions — through the transnational flow of cultures, peoples, and institutional power across its boundaries.

American Studies at UConn

The American Studies Program at the University of Connecticut offers an undergraduate major and minor as well as a graduate concentration for MA students. In addition to completing core classes with an American Studies designation, majors and minors select courses from disciplines such as History, English, Political Science, Art History, and Anthropology to form an individualized curriculum. The major is offered at all UConn campuses.

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