Declaring a Major

To declare a major in American Studies you do not have to fulfill additional requirements above or beyond the general admission requirements of the university. Students who wish to major in American Studies must first consult with the Director or the point person at their particular campus. They then fill out a Plan of Study and are assigned an advisor.

Advising for Major

Majors are required to meet with their advisors once per semester. Your advisor will be assigned to you at your initial meeting with the contact person at your campus (and it will likely be the contact person at your campus).


The major in American Studies consists of 27 credits, not including the related courses.  The requirements are the following.

Prerequisite (3 credits):

  • AMST 1201:  Introduction to American Studies

Core Courses (15 credits):

  1. US History (one of the following)

    • HIST 3502 Colonial America: Native Americans, Slaves, and Settlers, 1492-1760
    • HIST 3504 The American Revolution
    • HIST 3510 Civil War America
    • HIST 3516 Rise of U.S. Global Power
    • HIST 3561 History of Women & Gender in the U.S. to 1850
    • HIST 3562 History of Women & Gender in the U.S., 1850-Present
    • HIST 3563 African American History to 1865
    • HIST 3564 African American History Since 1865
  2. US Literature (one of the following)

    • ENGL 2201 American Literature to 1880
    • ENGL 2203 American Literature since 1880
  3. US Politics & Economy (one of the following)

    • POLS 2607 American Political Parties
    • POLS 3602 The Presidency & Congress
    • POLS 3802 Constitutional Law
    • POLS 3817 Law & Society
    • ECON 2102 Economic History of the United States
  4. Latin America, Canada, & The Caribbean

    One 2000-level course that deals with Latin America, Canada, or the Caribbean. The following courses are automatically approved, but other courses may also be approved by the Director of American Studies:

    • ANTH/LLAS 3021  Contemporary Latin America
    • ANTH/LLAS 3029  The Caribbean
    • HIST/AFRA 3206   Black Experience in the Americas
    • HIST/LLAS 3607   Latin America in the Colonial Period
    • HIST/LLAS 3609   Latin America in the National Period
    • HIST 3610   Latin America and the Great Powers
    • HIST/LLAS 3622  Gender and Sexuality in Latin America & the Caribbean
    • HIST 3650  History of Urban Latin America
    • POLS 3235  Latin American Politics
    • SPAN 3234  Great Works of Spanish American Literature
    • SPAN 3265   Literature of Puerto Rico and the Spanish Caribbean
  5. Seminar in American Studies:  AMST 3265W

    This is a special topics course that varies from semester to semester. View current offerings on the Course Offerings page.

Track Requirement (9 credits)

Take 3 courses in one of the four American Studies tracks:

  1. Track 1. History, Culture, and Society
  2. Track 2. Literature and the Arts
  3. Track 3. Economics, Political Science, & the Law
  4. Track 4. The Americas

Related Courses (12 credits).

Four additional classes (12 credits) chosen by the student and approved by his/her adviser, relevant to the study of US culture or the Americas.